Regreting Past

Written by: Matthew Pawlak

It started with a breath
That breath I took
It shook
My foundation was being built
My memory hazy
Of this baby
Sitting in dads lap
The cap 
To the game 
We won

But now I’m one
My achievements with a camera
Mother father 
Greater or less
My day’s progress
What’s next?

Welcome to school
You’re to less a fool
Not dumb enough 
To fit
You get
Too much 
Acronyms wrong 
To damnation

What’s this intention?
Shipped like a package
No more completion
Just half of what it used to be
I search to find
What I mind 
But now I’m gone
I blamed mom
So her half awkward
Didn’t mean anything
What I see
Is not what was promising

Life culminates
Im at the gate 
Looking, Staring 
At my back
I’m regreting