tribute to my brother

Written by: darshanique m

One year’s went y since you’ve been gone 
One year’s gone by from I’ve seen your face.
One year I’ve shared millions of tears.
One year of heart ach e and pain. 
One year that has driven me insane.

Nights cried asleep 
Wondering why that faith you had to meet 
You have died and went to that grate beyond 
You know all truths and feel no pain, sorrow or suffering 
But I feel 
My brother I feel.
Knowing there’s no day I’ll spend time with you.
No more words I could share with you.
Just thinking of the time I’ve wasted 
Things I could and should have said to you.
But I’ve got to look up,
And move on.
Thou everyday is a struggle 
Since you’ve been gone.