i will rise

Written by: darshanique m

How could you do this?
You said you cared
How could you do this 
You told me you were always going to be there.

Every time I turn around
My feelings get so down,
And face wears a frown,
Your suppose to be my king.
It’s why I let you wear that crown

I’m suppose to be your boo
The one you are to stay true to,
But when ever I’m around you put me down
And make me feel oh so blue.

Am I not a queen to you? 
An empress
Or even a blessing 
Given to you.

Turned my brown eyes black
From all those back hand slaps 
And I’m to blind to the facts.

There will be a day my eyes open up.
I will rise!
Just like the sun in the morning 
I will shine!
Than any light,
Shinning all day and,
Even brighter in the NIGHT

With a light so bright 
No man can stop 
 A light that will never dim or drop