Paper Trail

Written by: Danny Nunn

It is good to leave a note, or even write a book
The more the better for someone to find
So that they won't get lost or have a single clue
And stumble around in the dark and not know where to look
Otherwise not knowing, they will go out of their mind
Or will not know what to do

Like a map, when taking a vacation
Following a trail of bread crumbs so to speak
To know where you were yesterday
Whether or not you made it to your destination
Can find you in a matter of minutes or hours, instead of a week
Really it is the only way

You never know in today's world that we live in
It is not as safe as it was yesterday
There is danger out there all over the place
You never know just who will do you in
And if things should go astray
They can find you in some far off place

It is better than finger prints, or even DNA
And easy way to let people know
Easy on the internet, just send an e mail
Let love ones and friends know when you plan to go away
Or where you were at, the truth will show
Click of the Mouse, leave a paper trail