Written by: Marylyn Trujillo

Mi amor por ti me duele por dentro yo te queiro te extrano

y no puedo vivr sin ti cada vez que te miro con ella me dule

queiro llora estoy cansada en tanto que me hago suffrier ya no puedo

pero ya que miro que esta embarazada me duele mirate con ella porque no puede ser yo 

yo te amo con me corazon cada vez que te miro siento mariposas en mi pansa como

quiero correr a tu lado dar te muchs kisses!!!! 

I love you cant u see i see u everyday u look so different but my love for u is still the 

same why cant i grow up why can't i just stop thinking about u ?? why is it so hard !!!

it has been 3 1/2 years and yet i cant take u out of my mind why is that?? Is it fate that
we need 

to be together or am i just crazy i cant help think what could have happened!!!???

Y is love so hard to pass by like once u miss it there is no going back u just sit here
and watch

the one u love with other gurls and u just sitting cause u cant get the balls to leave 

stuck in the same place as time passes by!!!!