Michael Jackson

Written by: Ba'tunde O Ajayi

Michael most memorable millennium man,
Like a twilight the Sun, sinking shiny,
As an array gorgeous Moon, moving moody,
Jackson jovially joins just judges, eternal entry.

Tribute to tears true trailing thriller,
Michael Jackson lived Legend, left Hero,
World will weep, let loose the great Michael Jackson
Missing music, dizzy dance, inevitably irresistible.

America shakes Oceania, Asia hugs Antarctica,
Africa waves Europe, fathomless Our hearts you'll reside,
As whole wide world misses musical maestro,
Michael sail safe to yonder, just jilted Jackson.

Our hearts, body, soul and spirits mourns Michael
Jackson untold exit, forever living Icon,
Our passion, wishes riches and loves, marvel MJ glorious grave,
Michael Jackson we love you yet infinitely alive.