Foreplay Spree

Written by: jai Garg

In joy I unknot the slip
As it slides down
The silk softness in her frowned

Crumbling to lewd gestures 
I falter in lust 
To unbecoming finesse
Within coaxed passion;

Plunged and enticed with the thrills
In liquid unction
Yields, bow beaten with acquiesce
Delighted ecstasy; 

Let me burn with moist desire
To her fluid pleasure
griping her in my embrace
As she yearns and cries;

Short exulting raptures 
With distinct moves 
Light kisses in provoked trust 
Of extreme pleasure;

Between the new sensations
She tricks my tongue tip
And triggers fancy love moans
To each seduction;

As temptations caress her 
again and again
I covet to enchant her  
With music notes; 

Though she quakes and trembles
As the tip flutters
Her to the urgent sharp thrills 
Of obsessed music;

Moves herself to my whim
In her subdued reaction
Attack quivers the sinews 
Between wet moves; 

Racy mouth as the tongue plays
With the neck moves
To breech both hardening mould
And tortured nipples;

Floats down to her love goal
In swift foreplay
Digs love licks between parted legs 
With a swift vengeance;
Soft cavity and her lips
Torments me to quake
 As  frolics play in circles
 Pushed to extremes;

I just take you in solace
Without the malaise.