I Am Darkness

Written by: Steven Mossburg

I am darkness
But be not afraid
For I am not evil
For evil knows no hour
And is seldom hindered by the light of day

I am darkness
I am an equal partner to the light
For the evening and the morning are one day
And it is good

I am darkness
I bring rest for your tired body
Quiet for your weary mind
And peace for your troubled soul

I am darkness
I wait impatiently for the end of day
And often disregard the morning
To rest quietly in the shadow of the sun

But I dance in the silent night
I reach far into the lofty sky
I grasp at the distant stars
And cling to the very earth under your feet

I am darkness
And I am good

So come, find rest for your tired body
Enjoy my quiet for your weary mind
And drink deeply from my ocean of peace