Written by: Carolyn Henderson

Just a hillside of junk was all that could be seen
in a yard once beautiful, well-kept and pristine.
With abandoned vehicles, overgrown shrubs, 
household appliances, machinery and rugs,
creating all around the most horrendous of scenes.

An old homestead in such disrepair,
well hidden from view until standing there.
It’s long winding path buried with leaves,
must be between those colossal oak trees;
stirring gentle breeze to cool the warm air.

Just one look at those mighty old oaks,
an idea struck and our minds evoke.
This unkept place is ‘beauty in disgrace’.
Wouldn’t be hard to repair and replace!
Deal was struck, now we’re home folks.

Clearing and cleaning for three long years,
removed all debris, several tons, I fear,
mowed the lawn, trimmed the trees,
dug the weeds and planted some seeds.
Renovations planned by the end of the year.

Bulbs have been planted beyond the construction
allowing for progress without destruction.
Fruit trees for the orchard are now well established,
Japanese maples, all carefully transplanted,
Sun and shade gardens--ah, quite a production.

Trees, shrubbery, and flowers, varied selections,
await to be planted with the greatest perfection.
The hill no longer a ‘beauty in disgrace’,
lovingly reclaimed as our countryside estate,
well-kept, pristine, inviting transformation. 

Written:  May 27, 2010