I Love To Watch Humans

Written by: Danny Nunn

Some people love to watch animals and birds
Go to extreme and locations to view
And with their cameras, bring us fine pictures
To high flying eagles and the buffalo in herds
Of all their habits and what they do
Some of mother Nature's finest fixtures

I tend to dwell on the people critters of this fine Earth
They are all around and in endless supply
One has to admit, there are some strange birds
Some have no value, some are of some worth
Some will tell you the truth, and some will lie
And some, well there are just no words

The guilty are the ones that I go for
They will always over compensate to assure you
That they are an angel and they are good
A little of that and I don't need anymore
Creatures of habit and i know what they do
That will never be good, even if they could

You do not have to travel to far off lands and places
Sometimes they are as close as right next door
They come in all races, even Americans
When caught, the same old long faces
As long as the world turns, there will be more
I love to watch humans