But I smell you, Somewhere out there

Written by: Samir Georges

There is a rustling of leaves- 
Somewhere out there
But I cannot hear it

Brown and yellow leaves, soft and sodden with dew
and Decay
and they smell Rich, a blend of honeyed 
and fragrant 

And these leaves they do rustle- 
but I am def to it

And the breeze comes to me
Bearing the promise of the sound, 
I take in this Rich scent, and through my expanding lungs
It settles under my skin, this Rich scent of honey and fragrance
It swirls over my heart, with millions of little scented claws
It grabs onto every inch of flesh in my body
and little claws drive me in search of the source

For the rustling leaves-

I roam this plain
and I am def to Life
blind to Death
But I can still smell, the rustling of the leaves

I know you are out there
A mound of sodden leaves, brown and rich
waiting for me to throw my arms into you
And bury my face in your warmth
your Richness
Breathe in this scent of Life, till it flows in my veins

I know you are out there
waiting for me to stumble on to you
Trip over you
Fall into you
Soft, and wet and rotten
And be buried by the scent of Death

There is a Rustling of leaves
And I wander
def, blind

But I smell you
Somewhere out there