Your Biggest Fan

Written by: Jessica Carr

I enjoyed your music for quiet some time now, but i have always have admired you.
In the dark or in the light, i think your so beautiful. I know all your songs and how you
sing them.
I know your favorite food, your favorite everything. I know the size of your shirt, i even
know what your wearing right this minute. I just wanted to let you know how big of a fan i
am. i even worship you. I write you letters everyday i wonder if you ever read them.
Sometimes i wish i was you. I know that it is impossible for you to write me back now that
you have passed away so suddenly.  But i can not stop with my obsession of you. I  just
love you soo much, and soon ill be with you.

I finally got all your letters they where quiet shocking to me how one person can be so
obsessed was beyond my belief. Yes i remember you, just before i died , you came into my
dressing room with my favorite flower and told me how much you adored me and then you
hugged me tight.
yes you hugged me and plugged the knife deep into my waiting back. The pain you caused me
was endless even now i can feel it. I thought you loved me? You had knew me as long as i
had knew you. We grew up together played together , best friends we where until i became
Then you where no longer there you where just distant. How could you kill me brother? How
could you kill me? let me tell you the truth now brother, i never loved you, i never
cared! you where crazy, you needed help. I could never love you like you wanted me to. Why
be jealous that i wasn't all yours. Now i am dead and your somewhere.