lost all control

Written by: trina aiken

I've lost all control
time has passed me by 
i am so confused 
what's happening?

my life no longer belongs 
to me 
I'm a puppet on a string
being controlled 

 by the out side world 
and i can do nothing
but sit back and watch 
I've lost all control I've lost track of time

and now I've lost track 
of my future 
I'm over whelmed it's to 
much to handle 

i can't take it 
but i know i can't change it 
can't change what's happened
can't grab hold of reality

to many things are happening 
and their happening way to fast
life is passing me by 
life is gone

I've fallen down and 
now it's all over 
I've lost control of what will happen next 
and now it all belongs to fate.