Written by: Steve Voorhees

Oh the places we won't go,
like post dated postcards
with fictional photographs of you and I
laughing lovers caught up in this
now mourn this trysts annulment
The fading hue of I to you
crashing closer to memory
are the full blown passion ploys
and blissful near misses
...the only places I may recall you fondly
Once upon a never
you gazed dreamy
laughed freely
kissed deeply
and made love sweetly not sweetly, but dirty discreetly
the pure erotic world all yours
behind closed doors
engrossed in post-coital
pillow reminiscing

Moving past the altitude
of fickle courting, began the rouse
singing blandly rehearsed tunes
to retreating corners licking wounds
For confrontation is where you thrive
while in misplaced ire my interest dies
beauty morphs horrid in this beholders eyes
as your idiocyncrasies I now despise
I may think this time was lost
but I say it's worth noting,
my pen has always moved the most
between the loving and the loathing...

**Inspired by John Heck's "Gauntlet" contest!!