Winter's Desire

Written by: Timothy Brumley

Oh Winter, I'll surely miss thee.

You're beautiful to see
Your crystal clear days
With your soft sunny rays
That silently warms the trees,

Oh Winter, your sight humbles me.

I hear you cry at night
Through the trees and hills
And through the window seals
Pleading for a lover's plight,

Oh Winter, you sound such a fright.

I love your quick embrace
When I walk outside
You cannot be denied
A sharp kiss upon my face,

Oh Winter, you're so full of grace.

I feel your hands clawing
Through the holes and cracks
Of this lonely old shack
Your desire sharply gnawing,

Oh Winter, till the spring thawing.

Your burden is too great
I cannot keep you
I haven't the warmth to
So then here I shall await,

Oh Winter, till next fall abates.

                             Timothy I. Brumley