I Want Your Smile

Written by: Mohammad Yamin

I crave to see the buds of your lips smile
And the flowers of your cheeks bloom
In the desert of my heart only anguish pile
Over my tormented life clouds of agony loom

Where are thou O! Sunshine of life
That bestows to darkness the glow of light
The air flowing with fragrance and free of strife
Serenity, elegance and enchantment invites

Your smile is a rainbow on the sky of my soul
A balm to my beleaguered heart
I demand nothing else; nothing more is my goal
I desired nothing else from you from the start

A smile on my devotion, a smile on my loyalty
A smile on my selflessness, a smile on my meekness
A smile on my simplicity, a smile on my frailty
Smile, smile my love; set aside shyness.