Written by: Albert Price

Here Elijah is reclining on his bed,
Waiting for the Divine to pass,
Enjoying the wind rushing by his head,
Stirring the meadow’s tall grass.
As the ground quietly but suddenly moves,
And a shudder takes control of his heart,
He wonders what this episode proves,
As his expectations go off the chart.
The panorama of Naboth’s vineyard
Gives him a certain tremor still.
But with the great charity of GOD,
He drinks Ahab’s wine to the fill.
The vines bending with ripe blue grapes
Appear as a blaze across the land.
The eternal refining fire no one escapes,
Until his faith has an edge none can make bland.
He hears a whisper echo in the cave,
Inquiring for a reason he abides here.
The voice now sounding clearly more grave,
Asks of him, What doeth thou here, Elijah?
And then again, What doeth thou here, Elijah?