Bus stop

Written by: Jessica Carr

sometimes i want to take the bus, earlier in the morning, ride and see where i end up. I
would see so many faces. Old, young, ugly, beautiful and all that comes in between. I
would laugh at the old mans jokes and i would flirt with the young boys.

And when the day gets to an end and the sky goes black with dusk. I would get off at some
random spot in the middle of nowhere and run far into the tall green, green grass. I would
run till i couldn't run no more ; till my lunges burn and my legs turn to rubber. And i
would sink into the sea of turning grass and stare up into the endless sky and breath in
the smells of the world, the rush of the cars. And in those few moments i would have lived
for years and have known so much.
If only i get on this bus...