Skipping Record

Written by: laura Hew

I keep coming back
to the root of my problems
like a broken record
skipping on the same track
and I can't move forward until I fix the scratch
like a mime in an imaginary glass box
I peer out on the world
wishing that I discovered the key to finding my way out

I see the promise of what I could be in the future
Long beautiful hair falling over my ivory ceramic dollface
with an elegant runners body, and my curves that would make Da Vinci deliriously envious
for they are grander then his Leda and the Swan piece .
I see my shoulders as relaxed as a golden retriever mid running dream

I think that I could fall deeply in love
faster than Humpty Dumpty who tumbled from the wall
Nor would I crack and become a mess like I had before
I will be a human marble

I have been trying to be Atlas with the world on my shoulders.
Taking the burder of everyones problems
Like when we were little kids and we would throw in leafs and sticks in a pot, and call it a 
But people's life problems potions can often be poisonous
Atlas should have taken the world and kicked it like a soccer ball
so far across the universe that Beckham would be proud of it

Therefore the key to rehabilitating yourself in your man made mime mind prison
is this.....
Learn to focus your mind on the positives
Let go of the littlest anxieties
For in a world of Aids, Cancers, and starving kids
you have to put it all in retrospective
Find your place, and your gifts
laugh with your friends
Make passionate love to your lovers
This makes the days go by and brings you one step to a healthier closure
Keep on fighting to be the wonderful and brilliant person you know you can be.