I Sense a Yearning

Written by: Christopher Mason

I sense
a yearning in your body
a trembling
through thirst
dry immersed 
in thought
of rocks 
that lie afar
jagged and dramatic
sharp and dark and wet
their outlines lost
in the haze of waves
in the spray of the sea
as it rises
and crashes
in futile rage
you fancy
for the stone is strong
and will not crack
but I know it crumbles
I know
you dream
of standing upon islands
your eyes sparkling 
with defiance
and I see further
into your secret fear
of the goddess
who lives within the water
your terror
of she who foams
and hisses
like a serpent
so devious and inconstant
and so you strain
perpetually to perceive
places you will not venture
noble places you are certain
to so resist
the malice of the tide
while I swim
I swim
in darkness deep
and you say
I am a conspirator
but I have touched
the distant crags
I have faced
these dreams
and found them barren
found them cold
yet you will not listen to my stories
for you insist
my soul has been infected
with the deceit
of the sea
so you pity me
my weakness
and forgive me my infirmity