I Danced

Written by: Christopher Mason

I danced
moving in defiance
of the static word
until my soul
being brittle
as are all things frozen
against the heat of my pleasure
and flowed
through my skin as sweat
thus cleansed
of privilege
I fell from grace
into the pit
where flesh writhes
wet with love
and the faithless burn
consumed in the moment
only to be born again 
to face the flames in pain
and I rejoiced
for there
cursed by the divine
within the dust
I discovered
my spirit is not so diseased
as to need the yoke and the lash
to subdue its passions
to protect it from life’s
vivid complexion
I discovered
I am audacious
as the child who laughs
as the earth beneath her crumbles
who leaps from the arc
seeking intimacy with the storm
who rejects salvation 
to taste the breeze
to breathe
and die in joy
without hope