Written by: harry horsman


Glazes eyes affixed to life’s heavy hinged seal,
waiting for 11am to be served his liquid meal.
Empty flagons he carries with a shaky mournful hurt,
red nose prominent, pant’s half-mask, torn shirt!

Once inside he alleges not to rush,
doing it right, with the odd apologetic push.
But hunger and thirst have taken their toll,
eaten away his liver condemned his soul!

Only he knows, payment for what he carries,
surplus liquor down the hand, his tongue to marry.
A lustful grin contrived with obsessive ease,
metabolism needing, acute pain to please!

This little man a kindly looking soul,
no doubt a victim, of society’s goal.
Scratching a living, on taxpayer’s dole,
helping the brewer to achieve his whole!

Screw top is off before vehicle is reached,
parting lips exposed, the target is breached.
A shameful smile or a satisfied grin?
Accompanied each gulp that went within!

His jalopy began with a burst of smoke,
head turned away, from leering eyes of folk.
A repeat can be seen every single day,
that is till; his mind loses the way!


Though I feel a sadness deep within
I wouldn’t be surprised if the laugh
was on him, despite his lewd behaviour
and pose, he’s a damn sight happier would
you believe than most!

Copyright 1986
Harry J Horsman 1986