Off On A Cloud

Written by: Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson

Sitting in your silence can be so loud
Not at all like floating off on a cloud
Visions of an angry one caught in a snare
The beating of the drum that fills the air
And of those who are blind to beyond
All of the things to which they have grown fond
To look to that great mirror of life
And feel all those disapointments and strife
Examine the haunts and fears as much as wish
While life will go on without you on the list
All of the haunts and demons that abound
There in the mirror they too can be found
Always looking for some sort of peace
Never to come offer that sweet release
When all that we are and all that we see
Far away from mankind and owned property
That peace is there inside the looking glass
Broken from being thrown down on the grass
To blow the mind with a forceful blast
Trying to hold on to all that has passed
Still listening hard for what that little voice has to say
But I accept that we don't always get our way
So when sitting in your silence can be so loud
I choose to go floating off on a cloud