The end of chapter eight

Written by: Edward Orozco

It's hard to write with all these tears dripping from my eyes
The pain I feel inside is more that one could bare, my broken scene becomes my reality
Times are ever so difficult, what can I do, I will never erease whom i used to be
Those days of tears will always be in your memory for ever and ever
As long as you see the old in me you will never believe, and I am realizing that
It's your choice not to believe, my fault for failing and so you want us to end
One thing you can always count on is that I didnt give up
I have no words in my simple heart and mind to reach out to your heart
And as you go, I feel all of my dreams leave me, and i become an empty vessel
What am I to do with all this love I feel for you? You say give it to someone else but how?
Today you ask me to part your life forever, and in death only then might you hear about me
You will stand there, and cry your heart out asking yourself "what if"
Its hard to understand, yet if I dont then I am a fool
Today I die, dont worry I wont come back into your life
I wish you the best, find that person that will always say what you want to hear
Find that person who will support you in anything and everything
I stand clear today that the only way of showing my love is real, is by not being in your life
Find that person whom will stay loyal to your love
Please dont ever blame me, because I stood to the last minute, in the name of what I feel
One day you will come back, but only this poem will remain
Write it down, memorize it, for my face you shall never see again, all I do is hurt you
You are very good at pretending, therefore you give your love just as easy to another
I am Romeo, and I stay true to my real love, maybe not perfect but loyal
Good bye, and I wish you the best I did not do this to us I didnt quit
Your heavy heart refuses to forgive, to forgive whole heartedly
So only putting me past the walls of your eye will you forgive me
The love you have for me will never die, but I to you will
Good bye, and always remember there WAS ONCE a poet whom stood still
Be happy, I lost, but reality is you will never forgive me, but God has.