Got To Eye Ball It You Know part one true story

Written by: Danny Nunn

Sitting outside, just me and a glass of iced tea
Hot as blue blazes, afternoon Sun was melting down
Down the street comes a classy low rider
Driving slow, looking to see what he could see
It is rough on this side of town
In their world, I was an outsider

I kind of knew the driver, we said our hellos
"Hey Pops, what do you want for your old ride"
"Oh I don't know, some cash and and gun"
"Times are hard, not all are amigos""
"Hell, you know how it is here on the South side"
"Lets get in the shade, hot out here in the sun"

"Hey, I got some buddys that might bee able to help you out"
"Yeah and brand new shot gun, never been out of the box"
"Got all the paper work, even got a few shells"
I smiled and did not want him to know what I was all about
I could tell he thought I was a old dumb cowboy slow as a box of rocks
But inside was ringing warning bells

I knew that he had been in the pen and could not have a gun
I fell for his bait but could not get caught in his trap
"Tell your dogs to bring it it over here for a show"
"I will be here and I ain't going to run"
"But hurry up, I am missing my afternoon nap"
"I have got to eye ball it first you know"