Written by: Conor Jordan

                          - Your Hair Was Long When We First Met -

Flickering Over a Computer Screen Her
Projected Light Soaked into His Eyes.

                         - You Made Me Weep With Passion -

I Became Nocturnal Just To See You,
It Killed My Bones and Enriched My Head.
                         - Your Smile Moved My Skin -

Holding Your Hips While Your Hands 
Became Soaked in Dish Water.

                           - I Remember Clasping Them in Mine -

Leading You Up To Our Room and The
Love, it Exploded Through The Walls.

                           - Ten Years Later With Our Clique of Friends -

Your Hair Flickered Through The Candlelight
And Through The Meaningless Conversations.

                          - But It's Just Old Light -

The Various Candlelit Parties Strove On For A
Decade or Two and Your Beauty Multiplied.

                          - Nocturnal Again -

Although Our Appearances Where Grey We
Held Each Other on the Sand, Time Slipping

                          - Slipping So Quickly -

The Moon Fragrented The Sand A Crimsoned
White, and Your Skin Tingled Beneath Mine.

                          - I Held You Till You Slept -

                                         - You Were So Weak -

Back in Candlelight, Your Hair Reflickered, And You
Smiled Even Though You Could Barely Breathe

                         - I Stroked Your Hair -
                     - And Told You All About Us -

"You Are My Sweetest Downfall, I Loved You First"

It Was Repetitive and I Whispered It Right into your
Ear Until Your Breath Caught Up With Your Heart.

 - You Were So Weak -                       

              - And I Held You Till You Slept -