Happiness at it's Best

Written by: Jasmine Whipps

Life is going great,
I find myself drowned
In less and less tears
And not hiding from my fears
I'm laid back
And ready to enjoy life
No longer stressed with petty things around me
They never made sense anyway
I fid myself believing more
And ready for whatever is thrown my way
No longer am I cast down
But happy and smiling 
Of course the road to this happiness
Hasn't been the easiest
But I made it to a place
Where I found happiness once and for all
A joy the world can't take away
A peace that can't be found with the natural eye
But the spiritual eye only
I'm blessed and highly favor
Walking in authority
Letting the rays of sunshine 
Continue to wash me.
It's my own world
And anything goes
I choose my destiny
I choose where I go.
No one breathing down my neck
No demands to be met
Just me, my notebook, pencil, and piano
My spirit open, and melodies flowing through my heart
Things are perfect in my world