You Can

Written by: Danny Nunn

You can be born a male
But that is no guarantee that you will be a man
Or a female maybe your gender
Maybe never a lady, but still is a female
Some will even try to alter God's plan
Who knows what they will come out in the blender

You can walk the straight and narrow line
Or you can flip flop and go on the wild side
We all have to go some where
Some will mess up and some will do just fine
It is your ticket and it is your ride
Some will just be winging it on a prayer

You can be independent or dependent
Some want to control and others are in  control
Some get lost of the way
Some are wild and some are obedient
Those that the Devil ends up with their soul
When they become his prey

You can be about anything that you want to be
A fish out of water and swim up stream
Take the rocky road or the easy street
Travel the world and see all you can see
Have a nightmare or a sweet dream
In the end all depends on who you want to meet