Wanting More

Written by: Cherie Lowe

Water racing through the rocks
Tearing through my soul
Weaving, twisting, caring not, 
For all that lies in its path is torn
Like my mind it cannot stop the fury
The lust of its existence, Wanting always more

Leaving bodies withered and crying
Never caring, always caring
A conflict that rips through my being
An ending that fails to part
A sorrow not yet spoken
A fear yet unconquered

Silence mocks the darkness of night
Not even the moon can fill this space
Hidden deep within
For I will not speak its name aloud
In doing so would I break its spell
And end my misery, my only joy

I commend my spirit to this insane existence
No one to blame, by choice; no by fate
For choice would bring me what I cannot have
I see the face across the water, his eyes like stars
So sorrowful a tune that separates the two that should be one
And yet I still go on…wanting…so wanting…more.