Empress Eve in Eden

Written by: Satin Doll Diva

She is Eve
Sent to deceive?
"Oh Adam, where art thou?"

Her plan is tight
"Make love tonight?"
"Oh Adam will thou howl?"

Eve has her wiles
Won't compromise,
In Garden Paradise.

A temptress sweet
So full of heat,
"Hey Adam, art thou wise?"

Eve des not cook
Her sultry look
"Dear Adam, take a chance?"

The Lady Eve
Her spell will weave,
"Hunk Adam UP for romance?"

She cast a spell
Soon time would tell,
"Hey Adam, you ashamed?"

She weaves her web
Emotions ebb,
"Hey Adam, ou got game!?"

Eve lounges round
Enjoys the sound,
"Sweet Adam, bring my food"

She is the Queen
In Garden green,
"Oh Adam, Eve's "in the mood"

Eve claps her hand
She's in command,
"My Adam, hear my roar?"

She bats her eyes
While telling lies,
"Adam, this God created u for".