one deadly bite

Written by: trina aiken

You stand there your 
Heart beat slows and 
You stare in to his deadly yellow eyes
You want to run but your legs wont move 

You hear him howl as he lowers his head and growls as
If saying go ahead try and 

You stand there surrounded by 
Trees no one but you and him
He digs his paws in to the 
Ground as if he was about to 

Can’t move can’t scream 
Can’t breath can’t do a thing 
But wait for the deadly 

Beast to unleash its bite to end it all
A single drop of sweat falls down my face 
He watches it drop as if time has stopped
Just then you make a dash and he 

Smiles just a little 
Thinking great fast food
He bends down and he sprints after you
He’s on your heels and you hear him

You fall and roll and he stands over you
You look in his yellow eyes and they 
Say bye-bye 
Last thing you see it the moon lit

Then it’s all over with 
One deadly bite