Soldier of Love

Written by: Kimberly Fluitt

He was a warrior
Brave and true
An American soldier
Of World War II
Many battles he did see
On the frontlines of Germany
He fought with pride
He fought with strength
His friends of war
He did defend
He saved the lives
Of soldiers and Jews
Every life saved
His intent was true
His honor and glory on the
Battlefield did shine
His faithfulness to his country
Will live for all time
He was a proud soldier
Strong and true
A soldier who loved 
Both me and you
For our freedom
He did fight
To make sure all of our
Days would be bright
To this soldier both
Brave and strong
To our Grandfather
Who is now gone
Your love and honor
Will always live on

To our grandfather Earl W. Smith. You are no longer with us but we will cherish your
memories forever. We love you for the freedom you provided us and for the happiness you
gave us while you were alive.

©May 26, 2004 Kimberly Fluitt