Proud Soldier

Written by: Kimberly Fluitt

You were a soldier with pride
Defending a nation
From forces of evil
You fought on the sands
Of a South Pacific land
You fought for an island
Owned by Japan
Our forces were strong
And you fought with great might
The island of Iwo Jima
You would take that night
Though death was around you
You faltered not
You fought with bravery
You knew not how to stop
Victory was yours, your brothers
Your friends
A victory that death will make 
You forever live
You helped our nation
Win the war
That one tiny island
Was one Great reward
You gave your life 
Or maybe not
Regardless your destiny
You fought a great fight
Sixty years has now
Come and gone
But we are still proud
Of the bravery you have shown

To my grandfather, Jack Madison Fluitt, a United States Marine Corp. Raider who fought the
battle of Iwo Jima. You are gone now but we remember your life with much pride and honor.
To all the other soldiers who fought at Iwo Jima or any other battle of World War II,
thank you for our freedom. We owe our lives to you.
©March, 25,2005 Kimberly Fluitt