Written by: Kimberly Fluitt

The secrets of my heart
The pain of my tears
Nobody sees coz I hide them within
My fear kills me in more ways than one
From mental anguish 
To physical pain
Nobody hears me calling 
Coz the screams are held in
Nobody sees me crying 
But my tears are stained in blood
My head is full of sadness
And I don’t know how to stop the pain
I take the pills to end it all
My fear, my pain, my tears
I want gone
Ending in nothing but more pain
For what I have become
A life so empty
A pain so real
And nothing can quench its uncontrollable kill
Where do I go now
What do I become
With this cloud of pain
I am now forever alone

©August 1, 2008 Kimberly Fluitt