Love So Far

Written by: Kimberly Fluitt

You touched my heart
With words so kind
You touched my soul
With love so fine
The softest whisper 
I long to hear
To see the late IM
I love to see
Every second you’re
In my mind
My heart my soul
You stole me blind
Two kindred spirits
Both are we
From pain we’ve felt 
To love so free
Many miles a’far
Part our way
But our hearts
Grow closer every day
Your tender face
I long to see
Your loving arms
To hold close to me
To you my love 
Only belongs
To you my heart
I give no qualms
I met you shortly
But now live with peace
Of knowing that someone
Truly loves me
Until the time 
Together we can be
Always know you’re
Forever with me
©November 10, 2008 Kimberly  Fluitt