Written by: Kimberly Fluitt

Depression is a sign
Of a life slipping away
A life so fragile
Can it be saved
The thoughts in the mind
Are like reality to the soul
A place where you hide
But you don’t find peace inside
Depression is a sign
Of things to come
The fear of tomorrow
The dread of yesterday
The worry of the present
Life can be changed 
In the blink of an eye
From happy go lucky 
To total pain inside
Pills can heal
But is it really a cover
For the hurts and pains
That is held within
Depression can kill
But not just one
 It can kill the family 
Of the one it is on
Take the action to heal the pain
The intervention to make love remain
Depression can kill
But it’s a choice you make
To stand and fight
Or take deaths fate

©July 29, 2008 Kimberly Fluitt