One Way Road

Written by: Destiny Budd

Few obstacles, few stops
Just the road and me
The speed limit I decide
Feeling truly free

A one way road
Headed forward
No u-turns allowed 
And to reverse is unheard

Slow down now and then
Captured by the scenery
Maybe fall a hearts prisoner
Perhaps too far deep

A few thumps here and there
A pothole or two
Delayed-- a small problem
Move on and pull through

Sometimes a split pops up 
Few ways I can go
But can never turn back
Still a one way road

Places can seem familiar
Some may be the same
Took a wrong turn someplace
In this chancy judgment game

A tiring trip at times
Just want to take a rest
Or drive on with no more care
Not giving it my best

Itching to move on further
Get somewhere a little quicker
But can only go so fast
As I whine and bicker

Whether I like it or not
I'm always on the go
It's just the road and me
On my one way road

May 2010