Written by: Arcene Janvier

The beast has been unleashed 
no longer willing to be supressed 
and hidden in gloomy chambers 
no longer willing to hold onto the anger 
which has been a long suffering burden 

Constantly beholding fake  smiles 
on the visage of pretenders, lovers of illusion 
master-creaters of volcanic-like pressures 
seeking to behold a stupefying explosion 

People and things testing how far they can take me 
cause me to wonder they're watching and plotting 
to see if they can break me.. 

Well, now the beast is hungry 
stalking his prey 
ready to pounce on whatever's in his way 

So go ahead, waltz your presence by my lair 
I'll show you about playing fair 

Just remember you asked for this! 
It was never my intention to unleash this beast 
but now it's time for him to feast! 

And, when he is done there won't be much left 
just a whirlwing of destruction 
hanging on his last breath..