On any Sunday

Written by: Mitch White

When I got up, it sucked
I just felt just like a Zombie
So I walked to Starbucks
and I got a sweetened Grande

The people were crowding me
as I walked to the 7-11
I bought a pack of smokes
First one tastes like Heaven

I was chilling and sipping my coffee in the park
The homeless appeared, eyeing my cup
Fresh from the bridge where they slept at dark
I started to get up when one said "what's up"

"Well", I said, "I was thinking of going to town"
"You got an extra smoke", he said
God helped me as I passed them around
Memories of my own warm bed

I offered them some money for food
to eat something or to feed their dogs
He said "we all get enough dude"
Could I spring for a box of fire logs!

What was I to say to them to now?
I quickly handed over a Twenty
Walked away Scot free, unbound
I felt like life meant something that Sunday