Shes gone

Written by: Edward Orozco

Will this heart of mine ever stop beating, oh i plea to my God for the pain is great
I recall the days of joy, her beautiful eyes stared at me, and I fell deeper in love
We held hands against all, the winds bowed down to our unity
Yet today she no longer is in my scene, God where is she
I love her more and more each day
A new passion arises, and i cant even stand to grip the coming end
If it is your will, one day I shall have her back in my keep
I miss holding her, I miss kissing her day after day
I miss her voice, her laugh, will death not take me for she no longer is in my life
Walking into the unknown some say they are to find a new direction
Please come forth, dont stay away anymore I miss you
Those memories will never die, what I feel for you is eternal see you not?
What am I to do now? Forgive me I never meant to hurt you
Please forgive my tounge, I cant do this without you please come back