Thoughts of Love

Written by: Steve Harvell

It is there my thoughts of love is.
That of something beautiful and of heart.
It is there in my heart it exsist as I have found you to be a part of.
It is of ones heart to love something as delicate as a rose.
As I have found myself loving you in many ways.
It is of the heart we do love as we feel emotions running wild/
It is of our souls just to be love.
It is thoughts of love I have found with your companionship.
It is thoughts of you my heart feels when I think of love.
How wonderful it would be to love such one.
But how life would be just because you are there.
But more important the love we share would bring happiness together.
That everyday would be filled with sunshine as my heart would belong to only one.
The one who shows so much love but with care they have.
That my thoughts of love would be only of you because the way you make me feel.