Written by: Samir Georges

A behemoth of fire and rage
Red scales glimmering with the potential for death
Its absurd cries of evil shatter empires
Its unjust breath of malice devours lives

So comes forth a shining knight
A star descended from the heavens
An answered wish to the denizens of mankind
And with a sword gleaming with an altruistic ego
He cuts down the dragon, and rightfully so

And just reward does follow this magnanimous deed, 
Maidens and praise and-
a fated car horn

I awake-
and with the reflexes of a knight
Catch my book as it slips my grip

Smiling, I find my page
Just as the not-so-chivalrous Knight
Slew the not-so-fearsome Dragon
and if for moments more
I live on as a knight
Content with well-worn pages
if not Maidens and praise.