Written by: elijah prophet

   on the horizon i have seen love searching for me.

i must adorn myself and put on my best of cloaks in order

     she will know who i be.  yes, i seen my dream and i have embrace

jewels of love and i know that i am worthy of her fruits.

         she has sent her messengers to me and i have been

liken unto the turbulence that 
arrives upon the stillness of the seas.

    i see the sun and the feel the breezes that's propelling me to heights and

leaps.  i know what a gazelle feels when joy approaches.

            thank you love for finding me and allowing me to partake of your

substance without fear of you ever abandoning me.  thank you love for you 

   favor and your benevolence.  truly i shall be a profound steward of what you have

trusted me with. thank you love, for loving me this dust of life.