Soul Warrior

Written by: Steve Voorhees

The brush strokes broader now
covering canvas complete.
Earth now shrunk to smaller ground,
traversed by wandering feet.
Wisdom comes in IV drips,
scarcely supplying demand.
Water is deprived from these parched lips,
passing through my outstretched hand.

We are all but survivors, making due
with our life taught aresenals of mind.
Capturing elusive gusts that blew,
a soul kite's taut stretched twine.
Step for step, we'll race this life,
feet pounding Earth full stride.
Nimbly hurdling pain and strife,
tossing adversity aside.

Within our souls the strength resides,
to conquer all conspiring foes.
With confidence our spirit confides,
bringing these concflicts to close.
Defiantly looking on in the mirror,
challenging all of fears cries.
Transforming the murky to lucid and clear,
looked on with unwavering eyes.