Come fly with me . . .

Written by: Annelien Lourens

I know you, 
I know your story.
You’re deferent,
So am I.

Come fly with me,
Run away,
They don’t want us,
Yet they’ll keep chase.

Use your broken wings angel,
Fly away.
They’re still chasing,
Can you hear them howl?

Almost there,
Just keep going.
Were almost save,
Just keep going.

Keep faith,
We’ll always have each other,
Keep faith,
And fly away. 

 In the air were invincible,
But they’ll keep coming.
We’ll never be save,
Our world will come to an end.

Come fly with me,
We’ll fly away.
Leave this world behind,
Come fly with me, 

	 . . . one last time.