Runaway Train

Written by: Mitch White

Our love is like a runaway train
Speeding too fast and there's no one to blame
We fell in love without even trying
Every time we laughed, inside we were crying

We wore love out before it ever started
Our hearts ached whenever we were parted
Searching for a way we can start again
Seems like these tracks are coming to an end

I can't believe this has happened to us
Arguments over nothing have taken our trust
Those promises we made each other, kept inside
Becoming lies, no mater how hard we tried

I feel like we had just been got caught speeding
We'll take it slow, find out what we're needing
Just grab the rails tighter to keep us on track
We can make it if we have each others back

Every time I think we are going too fast
I want to slow down, just to make it last
We have both left something so far behind
I want us to go back, to go back in time