Written by: Arcene Janvier

As positive energies collaborate
Let our minds elaborate
On stories waiting to be told
Ones only we can unfold
The beauty and mystery our minds contain
Welcoming new mind frame
It is no tame; incapable of laying blame
Never suffer it to be shame;
when our mind begins its word game
Thrusting-out towards those with same mind frame
Tame is not a word to be used;
when describing great mental muse
The one that creates the imaginations;
Thus forth fueling poetic creations
Of any epic creation, you stand first to take the race
Going for wind like a board guided to surf the waves of grace
Fresh air is your trace, as it brings us back to better time,
Allowing us to unwind and relax;
To finally dine on the sweetest of things
Epic creations are seen through creative interpretations
The ones whose minds are open to thoughtful considerations
The oceans of our thoughts connect on one lone island
Where you and I dine on the Divinity of our creative minds
Like Titans of our craft we create
This place of peace and relaxation
This haven we're creating;
Is our ultimate blissful destination!