Blah blah blah ... (back to basics)

Written by: Brandon Basson

Who cares about the slanders of olden days?
If today I say I’m willing to die for all man’s sins
And I really, truly mean it
Would you call me the savior of humanity?
Would you call me the Blasphemous antichrist?
Or would you crucify me for believing too much?
I too am molded in His image you know
Those poor ignorant martyrs couldn’t see
I cannot see how much has changed
It’s still the blind leading the blind
I will proceed towards a hasty retreat
I will be the nerd branded in silence
In the circle of popular beliefs
I will be the gay guy of non compliance
With so called opinionated decrees
I might be banished into the dark
But uniquely, I’ll make stars
And proudly call them my own