The Journey of Love

Written by: Chuck Keys

The Journey of Love
                               Authored by Chuck Keys    

Reading a poem of love I wonder,
what does a warm summer day feel, 
when it has no memory of the loss of
how its heat faded in time, ever so slow,
one tiny silent drip at a time, like a leaky faucet.
It comes to pass eventually,
knowing that time has digested the differences 
from what it was, 
to what it is and to what it will be. 
It is forever lost at this time.

A lonely somberness soon fills the void of the wonder and warmth, 
daylight ebbs and flows into darkness and soon loses its distinction. 
Loneliness follows and the love is non-retrievable,
without love, life is never the same ...
an endless emptiness follows and stays, lingering.