Our Lullaby

Written by: Alexander Schwartz

Sing me to sleep
Sing me what was once out lullaby.

The only words spoken were
I love you, and sleep sweet my angel.

The only music was the sounds of
our shallow breaths
the rustling of the sheets
the bustling of the curtians in the wind
the neighbors chimes in the breeze
and the gentle chirps as the birds take their last bows.

And one sound could only be described as angelic
the highest note in this nocturnal symphony
the sound of two lovestruck lips meeting for their last kiss till dawn.

And once we drift away it does not end
the gentle rythm of the dishwasher
and the steady whir of the fan
still work to create that place in slumber
where you and I can remain together
or at least in until daylight breaks.

You always told me we never had a lullaby
you said I dont know the words
I said the only thing you have to do is lay beside me and listen.

You thought we never had a lullaby
but now you know better
we had had the best lullaby there is